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Philosophy is the study that deals with the issues that prevail on daily basis like those linked to reality, knowledge, reason, language, values and the like. In Greek, the term, philosophy, means “love of wisdom”. There are different sub divisions of Philosophy that are as follows-

*      Ancient and modern when distinguished chronologically

*      Logic, ethics, epistemology when defined by topic

*      Analytic when defined in terms of style

Philosophy is different when the methods of forwarding issues like dependence on rationality are talked about. It is also called the frame of knowledge. In earlier times, Philosophy was subdivided into –

*      Natural Philosophy

*      Metaphysical Philosophy

*      Moral Philosophy

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There are different branches of Philosophy. They are as follows-

Philosophy connected to history: This consists of theories that are linked to history.

Philosophy connected to mind- This deals with the features of mind.

Philosophy of science- The base of science and the different uses of science are studied under this.

Feminist Philosophy- Feminism is dealt under this area of feminist philosophy. This means everything revolving around gender, body and sexuality are dealt here.

Metaphilosophy- The objectives of philosophy and the various limits as well as the approaches are studied under this heading.

Philosophy of language- The characteristics and its use along with the origin of language is studied under this.

Religion Philosophy- Here the queries regarding different religions that encompasses God, soul and the like are discussed.

Film Philosophy- Examination of films along with film makers are done in order to analyze the philosophical aspect and style.

Law Philosophy- This type of Philosophy explains the different theories that are related to law.

Philosophy is applied in knowing about the actions that a society takes. This study of philosophy is used in applied ethics and the political aspects of philosophy. Philosophy is also applied in education, epistemology, aesthetics and the like.  


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