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Psychology is the academic discipline related to the mind and behaviour. Psychology describes the principles and thought processes of the individuals as well as of the group also. Psychology relates well with the concepts of perception, intelligence, attention, cognition, personality, phenomenology, emotion, motivation and interpersonal relationship.

Themes of Psychology

Personality: Personality psychology illustrates the patterns of the thoughts and behaviour of the people and their emotions. The theory of personality differs from different psychological orientations. Personality varies between people according to their interactions, behaviour and ego.

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Motivation: The theory of motivation describes that human has a single source of energy that comes from motivation that influences the individuals constantly. This constitutes fundamental motivational things which include hunger, desire, fear, love, truth, and control.

Unconscious mind: The unconscious mind controls and maintains the human psychology in a right direction. It controls the ideas that influence the thoughts and behaviour.

 Development: The theories of developmental psychology describe the improvement of the human mind and thoughts in which people understand and act in a certain way. Prominent theories of developmental psychology are Erikson's psychosocial development theory, Piaget's developmental theory, Lawrence Kohlberg's stages of moral development

Applications of Psychology

The field of psychology serves a number of purposes. Its applications into various genres make it an important area.

Testing the Mental Position and Mental Healthcare

Psychological testing scores a very important position in the field of healthcare and medicine. Psychological testing enables the doctors to understand the mental scenario of the patients and prescribe the right remedies for the concerned diseases that relate to the mental status of the patients. Psychological tests also gain importance with the law and order officials dealing with criminals. A ‘Lie Detector Test’ is an appropriate example for this.

Educational Purpose

Teachers avail various types of psychological tests to examine the IQ level of the students. These types of psychological tests enhance the mental abilities of the students and instill in them the ability to take quick and accurate decisions, following reasoning and logic.

Work Purpose

Employers and industrialists take help of psychological tests in order to understand the working capacity of the employees. with its team of Masters and PhDs in psychology provides assignment help in the following areas for Graduate and college students of psychology.

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