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Tourism and hospitality go hand in hand. Tourism and hospitality are among the world’s fastest growing industries that employ more than 60 million people worldwide. The opportunity for an exciting and interesting career is enormous with hospitality and tourism sector. Tourism helps in the growth of economy of a country. Hospitality basically means providing services and demonstrating consistent excellence and quality.


Basically the travel and tourism industry is composed of five major sectors.

  1. Lodgings  - Stay centers like hotels, cruise, ships, etc.
  2. Transportation – which includes mode of transportation like air, sea or land.
  3. Food and beverages Operation – which includes restaurants, catering etc.
  4. Retail Stores – including gifts, arts and crafts stores
  5. Activities – that includes recreation, education or business, festivals or sports.


All the above mentioned goes interconnected as flaw in any one area may affect the tourists that visit our land and have negative impressions. Tourism and hospitality is a sector that keeps changing and has to be updated and provided with excellent service and facilities to any foreigner that comes in. Globalizations have played a very important role in travel and tourism. Since tourism is a sensitive area, great care must be taken of the travelers and security facilities must be looked into. The tourism and hospitality sector is the most diverse sectors among all industries. The tourism and hospitality sector provides a great platform in understanding the great diversities and cultures of different states or countries. Service is very crucial in the tourism and hospitality sector as without proper servicing and understanding the needs of the tourists, the credibility of the place and other features would be lost.

 Another important factor is advanced technology services. Customers have to feel that all information regarding the place that they visit is at their fingertips and easy accessibility is an added advantage.

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